Working as a copywriter: skills and salary of this profession

You are probably considering working as a copywriter. A new profession that is causing a sensation. It is not that new since it is part of a figure that has always existed in advertising agencies. The democratization of the Internet and the creation of thousands of online businesses have popularized it and made it one of the most in-demand professions.

If you like to write and like persuasion, being a copywriter is a great option.

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a creative professional specializing in writing texts to promote products, brands, people, or ideas to make the recipient react in a specific way.

A copywriter deals with the specifics of the subject he is working on, the pain points. It focuses on the occurrence of the action proposed by the receiver.

Depending on their type of activity, the copywriter can be a generalist or a specialist.

  • As the term itself indicates, the generalist copywriter writes on broad themes and types.
  • The specialist focuses on a specific sector or area, for example, copywriters specialized in medical copy or email marketing.

It is important not to confuse the figure of the copywriter with that of the web writer.

While the first create persuasive texts to sell or generate leads, the second seeks to inform and train the audience.

A specialized writer would be the SEO writer, who creates content to position it in Google.

Skills to work as a copywriter

Is writing correctly enough to dedicate yourself to copywriting professionally? Unfortunately, the truth is, no.

A copywriter must master specific skills and acquire competencies to master words and develop the necessary persuasive power.

Let’s look at some of the skills required of a copywriter.


Facing a new persuasive writing project requires the copywriter to do extensive research on the product or brand, its audience, their needs, tastes, etc.

For this reason, the copywriter must be curious and show interest in the environment in which he will have to move before each new challenge.


The copywriter will have to underline the characteristics and qualities of the product or brand on which he writes and has to make it stand out from the rest, from the competition.

It has to be able to contribute the value of that product or brand, transmit it in the best possible way.


Mastering writing in different styles will be essential so that the copywriter can adapt to each record.

The copywriter writes clearly, so the more they master the language and the vocabulary, the better.

And, of course, you mustn’t make grammatical and spelling mistakes.


The copywriter must adapt to the environment, and it must be taken into account that he is in a very changing environment.

In addition, the more you are trained in new skills and competencies, the more capable you will be to face new projects.

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Having your style and tone will help you differentiate yourself as a professional and access new projects and clients.


Writing to get third-party products to sell requires that you also can put yourself in other people’s shoes.


The copywriter will have to know how to adapt to write persuasive texts that work in the specific format or resource in which they will be housed.


To create persuasive texts, you have to reach the prospect and excite them. To contact the recipient’s heart with your words, but also to be able to remain in their memory.

Note: Being a copywriter is part of a low-investment home business.

Types of copywriters

There are several types of copywriters depending on their specialization:


This copywriter profile is focused on sales.

His writing focuses on the needs of the recipient and provides solutions.

The clearest example is the copywriter dedicated to landings pages or sales pages.


It has a powerful advertising tone.

Your goal is to connect a product or service with the audience.

Unlike the previous one, its main objective is not to sell but to establish the necessary link with users to be later able to sell.


It specializes in a specific market sector and with its own jargon.

Use precise language to familiarize yourself with that niche.

For example, law or architecture.


Its objective is also to create a relationship and sell through email marketing.

Start by looking for the best hook or lead magnet to attract as many qualified leads as possible.

From here, he sends a series of emails to add value and explain the company’s solution and how it can transform the lives of his audience.

Email marketing is a great sales tool.


Social networks are one more channel where you can get customers.

You have to develop a strategy and publish with a previously defined objective to do this.

In an ideal world, this profile would complement the Community Manager. However, it is best if the CM has copywriting skills in a small business.

How to be a copywriter?

To be a copywriter, you must follow these three steps:

IDENTIFY IF IT IS YOUR THINGThe first step is to know if it is your thing. It is an attractive profession, especially if you like to write. In addition, you can exercise from your home and, in these times, this is a great advantage.

However, this is not enough to dedicate yourself to it.

There are a lot of emerging professions that you can do from home, and you don’t want to dedicate yourself to all of them.

Do you see yourself as a copywriter for the next 10 or 20 years?

If the answer is no, leave this post and click on the link above.

If the answer is yes, keep reading 


Once you’ve new figured out that you want to be a copywriter, it’s time to take action.

There are books like How To Write Copy That Sells or The Art of Captivating that can help you learn some basic notions of copywriting.

But if you want to work as a copywriter, you have to train with the best.

Here are three of the best new courses for copywriters on the market:

  • Adopt a Copywriter, Javi Pastor’s school
  • The ABC of Copywriting, by Maider Tomasina
  • Open, read, buy, by Javi Vicente

All of them are from former students of my training programs and former collaborators, such as Maider Tomasina, Javi Pastor and Javi Vicente.


To say that you dedicate yourself to something, you must have worked with at least one client. If not, you have a hobby, not a profession.

To find your first customer. In the beginning, you can pull friends and acquaintances, although it is not the most recommended, since they are not your ideal client and conflicts can arise.

It would help if you were new looking for a client among your audience, either in your newsletter or on social networks.

Here is a post on how to get customers on Instagram.

How much does a copywriter charge?

Most commonly, a copywriter charges a monthly fee.

If you work with small clients, your rate can be between € 500 and € 1,000.

On the new other hand, if you are a full-time employee for a company, you can approximately earn between € 20,000 and € 30,000.

Working as a copywriter is an exciting business model since you can work both for specific jobs and regularly.

It depends on the speciality and the agreement you reach with your clients.

In this new post, we have seen what a copywriter is, how to be a copywriter and how much a copywriter charges.

I hope I have clarified your doubts and that if you want to dedicate yourself to it, you will be motivated.

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