Skirt or pants? With or without jacket?

When they finally call you for a job interview, the big question comes, what will be the most appropriate clothes for that occasion? We fear being too elegant if we wear a suit, or feeling too casual if we wear jeans. Here you will find some answers.

Of course, depending on the job you choose, your choice may be easier, there will be some considerations by sectors, for example, if you choose a position to work with children, a too formal suit can be negative in your interview since your image It must be a dynamic, flexible person, comfortable to face work moments. However, even if the work is somewhat informal (propaganda delivery man, children’s monitor, for example), you should still check your clothes before the interview and think that that first impression will be the one that scores points in your interview.

The elements that you should always take into account, regardless of the job you choose, and whether you are a new man or a woman, are:

  1. Hygiene in your personal appearance
  2. Simplicity in clothing
  3. Comfort with the clothes you choose.

Fortunately, those times have passed when, for an interview, a woman always had to wear a skirt or a dress and a man only in a suit and tie. In those times, there were still allusions to sexist issues in which the worth of women was subject to a theme of attributes and not to their professional or work value. Leaving these issues aside, at present we can freely choose what we want to wear for an interview without the fear of being rejected a priori for our way of dressing, therefore, in the case of women, skirt or pants? The answer is whatever you want, as long as you don’t stray from the three tips I have written before.

In any case, so that you do not have any doubts when choosing your wardrobe for an interview, I will refer to tips with some differences between men and women and for somewhat more formal interviews.

Women :

  • You can choose between a new skirt or pants . The skirt should be elegant and discreet. Hopefully the pants are straight cut or not skinny. Never wear jeans to job interviews. You can wear casual denim-cut pants, but not the classic blue jean.
  • Hopefully a white blouse , regardless of whether you wear pants or a skirt. The blouse of this color will give you a simple, elegant or serious touch as the case may be and depending on what you combine it with.
  • Jacket or jacket : in the case of a formal interview or for a more demanding position, this type of clothing will always bring seriousness and elegance to all kinds of situations.
  • Medium heel: an excessively high or totally flat heel are the extremes of the continuum. Choose to wear medium-heeled shoes, which will give you comfort and discretion. If you decide to go casual, ditch the sneakers, as they are not considered appropriate on an interview occasion.
  • Hair up? I would say rather, release your face. Depending on the position you choose, it is best to wear your hair up unless you wear it short. In any position: cook, lawyer, caregiver or executive, having hair up or well combed will always make a better impression. Wearing it like this will also free you from stereotyped movements due to the discomfort of the hair and in the background they will show your facial expression in all its splendor. Do not forget to always keep it clean, without excess products.
  • Accessories : everything in its proper measure, small earrings, hopefully without ornate bracelets and necklaces. A simple bracelet or wristwatch may suffice. Pearcings the fair ones, hopefully eliminate them depending on the type of position you apply for. The important thing is that you maintain your style and personality, but always take everything to the middle ground.
  • Bag or backpack? : women are used to carrying a bag for our personal belongings. If you don’t wear it, it’s fine. If you wear it too, but keep it discreet, not too big or flashy. If you opt for informal dress, and you want to carry a backpack, keep it small, not the camping one :). You can also choose only a folder or folio holder, to carry your curriculum or necessary documents.
  • Neutral colors : even if they do not fit your personality too much, neutral or dark colors can make the clothes in your interview not a reason for exclusion, especially if they are massive selections. Neutral colors in your clothes and light or transparent colors in nail polishes (always clean and not too long).


  • Costume? : in formal interviews, one of the most recommended options in the case of men is to go to the job interview with a classic cut suit, with classic colors, discreet and elegant. Classic tie. As in the case of women, in selections of many candidates, attending this way dressed will not be a reason for exclusion.
  • No suit . There are many new jobs in which wearing a suit to the interview can be excessively elegant. In these cases, it is best to go with a classic cut or denim cut pants, but not the typical blue color. As in the case of women, opting for a casual blazer or jacket can add a more appropriate touch to an interview.
  • Avoid extravagant colored T-shirts or polo shirts , hopefully they are discreet or in neutral colors.
  • Shoes : if you opt for the suit, the shoes should be classic cut and preferably dark in color to match the suit. If you decide to go without a suit, they should be shoes according to your dress, avoiding sports shoes or shoes with exaggerated colors.
  • Accessories : try to eliminate excessive pearcings and stick with the ones that best suit your personality but without being too flashy. Unless you go very informal, avoid large backpacks and opt for a folder or folder to carry your documents.

The advice presented here is general, for any type of work. It is up to you to inform yourself about the most appropriate of your clothing according to the job and the company where you are going to apply.

In selections such as those carried out in competitions such as those of some bodies, such as CNP, you must opt ​​for the classic and alien to colors other than dark or neutral.

Any questions, you can consult me. All the best.