Recover Your Time

In recent months, the situation we are going through has caused a great decline in our state of mind. News about a pessimistic future, loss and difficulty in finding a job or the increase in educational fees are some of the elements that paint a rather gloomy and pessimistic picture. It is difficult to cheer up before this crisis. From where and how can we draw strength? How can we feel better? When will we get a job? Many questions without any clear answer. We live in a world where uncertainty reigns, but we cannot let it take away the illusion or the desire for things to improve.

With all the humility in the world, I begin this section with tips and practices to help you feel better at such a delicate time as the job search.


If unfortunately you were fired from your last job, or if you went from studying to looking for a job, a phenomenon occurs that causes great changes in the emotional state: the loss of routine. We are used to carrying out a series of actions that are repeated on a daily basis. By doing them we get them to become habits. We may like them more or maybe less, but we get used to them. In the moments that we have received a vacation we have felt a relief before the paralysis for a time of these actions. This stop is related to the reward received after many hours of effort and therefore has a positive connotation.

Losing a job involves the activation of a series of psychological processes that alter our mood . Mainly it is due to the great change to which we have to adapt. And it is not an easy or simple task. There is no universal method to make us feel better. Each person has their own way of understanding happiness and being able to cheer up. However, there is a very important task that every job seeker must do: proper time management.


I lost a lot of money gambling. Later I got it back. Later I met a beautiful lady with whom I fell in love. Later his love disappeared and I felt alone as a needle among the immensity of grains of

sand in the desert. After a few weeks I met my current wife. I got the love back. I got older. And as everything progressed I realized the one thing I could never have again: time

Now you have all your time ahead of you. At first it is normal that you feel confused due to the amount of free minutes you have. What to do with them? What to dedicate them to? Maybe sign up for a course. Maybe improve languages. Maybe play sports … or maybe nothing.

It is very difficult not to be NEW tempted not to use your time well in these situations. A great state of apathy can take over all the desire and strength that one has to turn the situation around. For this NEW reason, it is important to use the time well to return to the work environment as soon as possible.


Even if you are not working, that does not indicate that you do not have to have a routine or daily obligations. It is good that you try to find new activities to develop and in which to invest your time. I am going to tell you four big blocks to which it is convenient to dedicate a series of hours a day.

1 – Active job search (2-3 hours)

It is advisable not to spend all day looking at the different job portals and seeing how your candidacy progresses in the offers . All of this can lead to you losing your temper. The selection processes may have a longer or shorter duration but no matter how much you look at an offer, you will not get it to advance more quickly. Create a system of how to distribute your time well , that is, at first look at the offers you are signed up for, then check the new ones, send emails, connect to your Linkedin. Try to do it in an NEW orderly and sequential way to make some sense of your search.

2 – Practice a sport (1-2 hours)

Being in good physical shape will make us feel better . That also means that we do not lose the rhythm of work that we had previously, that is, that the moment we find work we can perform 100% from the first day. Going for a run is a good sport and best of all, it’s free.

3- Improve languages ​​(2-3 hours)

It is clear that today most people are trying to improve their skills with other languages ​​and especially English . It is the best time to do it because in the selection processes that you participate will be an element that can be taken into account. If you can afford to go to an academy or get certified, don’t hesitate to invest your money in doing it. If you can’t, there are cheaper options to learn: YouTube, free courses, movies … For example, there are bars where you can talk to people from other countries who You seek to improve your Spanish in exchange for teaching your language to the other person. You never know, it can still become a good friendship, a good love relationship or even a future work partner.

4 -Training (2-3 hours)

With the amount of media you currently have, there are no excuses to keep learning about what you like and what it can feed you . Apart from many free courses you can go to forums or access manuals that are on the Internet. If you have to spend money on training, try to make it something that can open doors to the job market.

Results: With these four groups of activities you can invest a large amount of your daily time in improving not only your options to access the world of work but also to feel encouraged and with strength so that when the time comes you can dedicate all your encouragement and motivation. Do not let them call you standing, you are a person who is moving at the speed of light to get a job.