Plan B and do not despair.

Many times we make the mistake of pursuing a goal in our life by following only one path. Our personal and work life will always have projects that collapse. A Plan B will help you see the same situation from different points of view and gain confidence and not despair.Drowning in a glass of water when an initial life or work project collapses will only have a solution if we have flexibility in each situation and we generate a rescue plan, a Plan B, an emergency plan, that helps us to continue and not fall into despair.

A plan B works as a backup to our initial objective: an alternative plan can be developed before the fall of Plan A or, from the experience acquired in the failure of your first plan to turn it into a Plan B as an improved objective. The. The idea is that given the need, we are able to create viable alternatives.

What is a plan B for? : With the design of a Plan B, you will achieve more security in your objectives. In some way, knowing that there are other options gives us control in our life and that translates into security. Possibilities become options and it makes us more flexible in life.

Plan B in psychological terms: in more psychological terms, we can say that flexibility allows us to rethink, change the course of our actions and not fall into extreme rationality, the logic that leads us to see reality in a very limited way. Flexibility will also make us vary our belief system that governs our life, beliefs or thought patterns that are often limiting. Having contingency plans does not mean being insecure or unconvincing about our goals. It is much more positive and healthy to think that if a goal is not met by one path, it can be met by another, and that opting for a second option helps me to be more flexible and persistent. Life is a continuous change and on the way to our goals we have to adapt to the circumstances. What today is a viable option,

Plan B in the labor field:There are people who cling to their jobs so much that the moment they are fired (whatever the circumstances), they collapse, despair or fall into depression. If these people had a Plan B additional to their profession or career, they would think that perhaps with the same preparation they would have other possibilities without being an obstacle age or other personal characteristics. Retirements at an early age should lead you to think that beyond your work there is a complete life! Failures don’t exist, there are only learnings. In these two cases, the time has come to be flexible and look for alternatives. I have to think about who I am, what I have done so far and what I would like to do. I must recognize if what I was doing at work allowed me to live, survive or enjoy,

A real case of Plan B: I remember a patient economist who was fired from the new company where he had worked for more than 15 years. It was terrible for him and he needed psychological help. He spent some time and once home, alone, discouraged and with a small compensation, he thought, thought and thought. What did you want to do from that moment on? He realized that he wanted to work without having bosses who stressed him at all times, he needed more time freedom and not wearing a suit and tie. He had experience and preparation. He liked his profession, but he needed to approach it from another perspective. He began to devise his Plan B. currently and after a few years, he works running his own business in the sale of fruits and vegetables, he started from scratch but progressed in the line that he proposed. His Plan B worked for him and now he sees his dismissal as an opportunity that gave him his life to change and do what he really wanted. You currently enjoy your plan B, but you know that if circumstances required it, you would have to apply a Plan C.

Plan B in the sentimental field:When a relationship ends, it is not about changing partners like changing clothes, but we must think that life goes on and that my main objective being in a relationship is my happiness, my peace of mind. If in my relationship I did not obtain that and it ended, a Plan B does not necessarily have to do with the search for another person, but rather has to do with the objective that is my well-being. Ending a relationship is always painful and you will surely come to think that no other person will take the place of the one you had. Indeed it is thus, nobody occupies the place of anybody. You just have to think about what it is you are emotionally pursuing. A plan B in the emotional or sentimental field, can be, for example, something as important as putting ourselves as a priority and taking up what we stopped doing when we were with a partner (traveling, studying, do other projects, spend time, enjoy being alone, etc.). We must never lose our goals in life and opting for other alternatives is a very healthy option.

They say that “all new roads lead to Rome” and we must apply it. No matter how I do it or how long it takes, the important thing is to achieve my goals: my well-being, my work tranquility, my emotional tranquility, a full life.

Plan A, B or C, all are valid.