Optimize your resume for CNP

What is a new curriculum vitae ?: it is the main presentation tool that will define us professionally. They will be our personal data, training, professional experience and values, expressed clearly and concisely.

The curriculum vitae of a national police officer or applicant will contain more specific information than a basic curriculum. Training, skills or other information of interest will be just as important. It should also be taken into account that to work as a national police, some general and specific requirements must be met, such as being in possession of certain titles depending on the position for which one is applying (Police Inspector, National Police, Local Police, etc.) . I expose you the most basic model of curriculum vitae for the CNP with the minimum requirements, however, you can consult the network and there are countless models that you can follow.


No. of Opponent:

Social Security number:


Telephone contact:



Personal information : you can do it by inserting a table, including the following data: marital status, date of birth, place of birth, age. Within the personal information, some data such as height can also be included since it is an important new factor to take into account in this body.

Academic information: You can do it by inserting a table, including the following data: years studied, place, establishment, training cycle, degree, etc.

Complementary training: You can do it by inserting a table, including the following data: years studied, place, establishment, specific course / training.

Work experience: You can do it by inserting a table, but it must always include the following data: Company, Position, Activity, From, To.

Competences : here you must include capacities or competencies of the type: ability to work in a team, if you are decisive, your degree of motivation, decision-making capacity, organization, responsibilities, etc.

Other information of interest: driving licenses, smoker / non-smoker, languages, other titles that are not within the academic or complementary training.

Signature: signature on the right side of the sheet


In the curriculum you must include a formal photograph, where you can be seen clearly and hopefully you are with an excellent presentation. You must include it at the top, left or right side.

You can prepare different models of curriculum and finally stay with the one that meets the following characteristics:

Clear and concise information
Format with clear font, underlined titles, tables with all the necessary information.
Length of the text: one page.
Remember that the curriculum is one of the main tools that the interviewer will use together with your personality test and biodata. Good cheer and take time to organize your resume!