Negative Factors In The Job Search

The feeling I get from watching the news every night is increasingly depressing. Not only because of the large number of murders and problems that plague everything that surrounds the human being. What worries me the most, and also what touches me most closely, is the great job instability that we experience today. To that I can add the many conversations I have had with friends who work or are looking for work and they comment on their discomfort. There is the despair of those who do not get any job compared to those who do and feel sad about the bad conditions they suffer. Therefore, we can let our mood sink and enter a great collective depression from which it seems that it will never leave.

In spite of everything, you have time to choose. Flogging, feeling bad and throwing in the towel or fighting every day as if it were the last with the best possible will. And even if you go to bed tearfully, try to get up in the best possible mood the next day. It seems that you have to become something similar to Superman to know how to carry it out and that’s how it is.

Therefore, look for everything that motivates you and makes you happy . Try to find moments of disconnection that make you feel better for a few moments. Stay away from everything that only causes you discomfort. Fight, fight and fight to the point of exhaustion . Learn from the good things in life , something that very few will be able to teach you about it. Be positive but NEW realistic at the same time. Believe and fight for what you feel regardless of what the world tells you otherwise. And above all, do not be afraid of making mistakes and failing because it is one of the most important lessons in life.


Lack of Sense of Control


Human beings have a great need to be able to control and predict what will happen in their environment.  When we have to perform a certain activity, and we can achieve it through our means, then we feel good and safe, which can lead us to perform the task in a very effective way.

However,  in the search for employment it is normal to find oneself lost and without little capacity to make the balance decline towards us . It seems that no matter how NEW much we do, we can never feel that we have true control over the choice of our candidacy by a company. Effectively, that’s right. We must start from the basis that it  is a joint decision and that we will do everything possible to be chosen . Eliminating all possible barriers and negative beliefs will be essential. If it is not totally up to us, what we will have to try is that we feel proud of how well we have done, regardless of the result obtained.  You may not get it, but at least you won’t be left with the feeling that you could have given so much more. And for the next time? Do an analysis, ask for help and see how you can improve, because everything can be improved.


Lack of results


Athletes prepare for months to overcome certain marks. Thousands of hours are invested to give their best in a test that can last just a few seconds . At the end, they obtain different data with which they can measure if the result obtained is satisfactory, for example if the personal mark has been surpassed and the position in which they have remained after finishing the test.

In the job search they compete against many other candidates and we know little about them . Unless you make it to the final stages, you won’t know how many other people you’re fighting for the job. And if you are not finally chosen that does not give you satisfaction, because you feel that you have failed and you do not know all the reasons . You do not know the chosen person nor do you know what differences caused the balance to decline towards him or her. If you think that by not being chosen you have not achieved anything, you are totally wrong. 

Apart from knowing something more about the activity of a company, you have already put a face to the people who have led the selection. You can learn from them and also leave a good feedback during the process . They may call you at a time or in the future when you have more experience, training, languages, etc., and you apply again for a position in the company then that interview from the past will allow you to advance at cruising speed in the future. You must learn to leave a good assessment in your selection processes regardless of the result , and in this blog there is already an entry written so that you can achieve it.

Lack of Activity: The Jail Where Work Will Never Appear


In the end, what is achieved day by day is that your spirits and desire to find a job fade. All this can lead you to enter a state of passivity in the face of everything around you and the lack of desire to do anything. Stop fighting and try is the worst solution in the absence of results. You have to try to exploit all possible avenues and never give up. If you do something and you don’t get it, you can change the way you do it. Find other tools and paths, advise you, travel to other countries. But if you don’t do anything the job won’t come to your house. There are lucky people who seem to have been gifted things by divine work. It may finally be your case, but it is better to think that what leads to results is struggle and effort. Our worst enemy is laziness in the face of what will make us achieve our dreams. Don’t fall into that trap, be smarter and learn to fly so you can feel happy.

PS: Really writing about this seems very complicated, and more to be able to reach the depths of your interior to be able to encourage you. You really have to lean on others to value you. But you must learn to believe in yourself and your possibilities. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get anyone to do it. Perhaps that is the most difficult and there is no potion that will get you to do it. For me that is life, a constant struggle of which everything can be good or bad. It depends on so many things that could never be captured on thousands of pages. Therefore, I encourage you to believe in yourself and not stop learning and falling and getting up. And remember: act for the best by preparing for the worst.