How to Use the Internet to Save Money Easily

The Internet is a source that gives us endless things that, no matter how much you
want, never end. One of them is online commerce, which has revolutionized in recent years. But what we receive most at home is a package that, sometimes, we don’t even remember what it is.

But in addition to that purchase, which can sometimes be impulsive, the Internet also allows you to save. So, yes, and it is that in times of crisis, it can be easier than you imagine, even if at first it seems like not.

The objective will be to reduce your monthly expenses by a percentage. But how to do it? Next, we will new give you some tips on using the Internet to save money.

1. Subscribe To Trial Periods
In practically all services, there are trial periods for a limited time, usually one month, to take advantage of all the benefits without paying. For example, Amazon Prime offers this trial free for a month and where you will take advantage of it to be able to buy everything you want without shipping costs.

2. Is it your birthday? Seize it
You often want to forget that it is your birthday for the mere fact of adding one more number to your life, but surely you do not forget that it is the day on which you can receive the most gifts.

And some brands take advantage of that particular date that only happens once a year to make offers, even for free. For example, Ikea will give you a menu or Kinépolis a movie ticket. In short, you can organize a plan in the day that can be free.

3. Complain About Products
Although it may seem a lie, complaining about the products that have not arrived as you wanted will make the seller think of offering you a free check to resolve an uncomfortable situation or a negative comment that can affect the business.

These are some tricks to save money on the Internet, especially with business, but you can discover many more on other pages: from getting free clothes … to condoms.

Savings Apps
Undoubtedly, saving is a complicated task and, above all, if your salary does not reach you at the end of the month. But it is not like before where you kept the money under the mattress or took a list and wrote the savings by hand. Now, technology helps a lot and allows you to achieve your goals.

One of those “apps” that not only help you make ends meet but also save for a future trip is Coinscrap, which is linked to a checking account. It works by rounding to the nearest euro on any purchase, and the difference is automatically transferred. So, for example, if your product costs 1.25 euros and you mark 2 euros as rounding, 0.75 will go to the savings account. And so.

Another of those apps is Fintonic, designed to organize all your expenses and centralize all the cards and accounts you have. In addition, it has an alert service for unusual activities and formalizes, for example, personal loans or policies.

Blogs For “Diets” Of Spending
Spend and spend to feel better. That happened to the founder of the blog, And Then We Saved (And then we saved, in English), where she offers tricks to all her followers following, what she calls, a “consumer fast” and then a “consumer diet.”

In his first year with this “fast”, he only lived with the essentials, such as food. After that year, he went to the “diet”, where he could allow himself a whim that he valued at 88 euros per month, about leisure.

Get organized!
It seems very easy to say that you organize to save. Some may liken it to wanting to quit smoking. But it is not that easy, although it is not impossible.

There are always tricks that can make it a little easier and that even banks offer you so that they too benefit.

Set a budget: get in front of your checking account and give a figure each month of what you have to spend. You can’t go from there. A single slip can be more expensive.
Do not consume compulsively: whims are not part of your savings plan, and you always avoid them. But there comes a day when you are in a worse mood, and all you want to do is buy. You are tempted, but that can break a breakthrough. Think twice and reflect.

Get the best deals: with the Internet, comparing prices is much easier than before with a simple search through different portals, in addition to having pages dedicated exclusively to comparisons that can make your life much easier… and your account.

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