How to monetize an online audience

I find many businesses with a created audience and do not know what to sell. My astonishment is maximum.

The hardest thing about any business is creating an audience. The rest is not a piece of cake, but it is more straightforward.

When you have a community that follows you, that feels part of the project, and, naturally, some of them buy from you.

When starting an online business, you should start with the most important thing: create an irresistible offer.

Then it’s time to start building your audience.

Whether you have done it or already have a community behind it, this post is for you.

When to monetize an audience?

From the first moment.

So clear. Short and at the foot. Like Guardiola, Xavi or Iniesta.

Specifically, as long as you have your defined value proposition and can communicate it to the market.

The perfect time to monetize an online audience is now.

Start small with the lean startup methodology, and start selling. Talk to your potential clients, know their needs and solve them.

Tips to monetize your audience

Once you are clear that you should already be monetizing, I will give you some keys.

These are my tips for monetizing your audience:

  • Start from the beginning: you have a business, and people should know about it.
  • Be honest: say what you can and cannot do.
  • Be close: people buy when they trust.
  • Create a web page: apparent, right? Your website is yours; social networks are not.
  • It offers payment facilities: if you allow them to pay in different ways (transfer, card, etc.) and several instalments, it will be more effortless for them to buy from you.

Five keys so that the transition from follower to the client is natural, like when you kissed your boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time.

If you don’t take them into account, they may charge you.

Ways to monetize an audience

There are many ways to flirt, but it is not the issue at hand.

Here are the seven ways to monetize an online audience:

SELLING YOUR services is the fastest and easiest way to make money online.

You sell the application of your knowledge to a particular case.

The Internet acts as a communication channel between you and the customer.


In this case, you also sell your knowledge, and the difference is that you do not apply it, but you explain it.

The student must put them into practice if he wants …

For example, if you are a web designer and create a course on how to make a web page, you explain the student designs.


This is a widespread practice on the Internet.

You recommend a product or service from a third party and receive a commission for each sale.

Easy, simple and for the whole family.


In the traditional press, it would be an infomercial.

You write about a product or service of a particular company in exchange for a good amount of money.

It is not my favourite form of monetization, but it is expected.


Another of the practices is that I wouldn’t say I like hair either.

It is about putting a link on your website in exchange for financial consideration.

Again, it is legal, but it is not transparent to your audience.


A more honest way to monetize an online audience is to search for sponsors for the entire project, a section, or a piece of content.

For example, Nate Gentile has individual sponsors for each of his YouTube videos (whatever the content).

If you have a blog or YouTube channel and do interviews, you could have one or more sponsors for that section.


You already offer a lot of free content on your blog and your social networks.

Offering exclusive content for your paying users is a perfect option to monetize your online audience.

From paid webinars to courses for your membership to a paid newsletter.

And so far, the post on how to monetize an online audience.

As you can see, there are so many new options to do it. It is your choice to choose one or the other depending on your project and your values.

I recommend that you spend some time getting to know them and assess which ones you want to use in your project.

If you want to make a new living from your online business, sign up for this free training.


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