How to create the life you want

Do you think you dominate your life and are clear about what you want and fight every day to achieve it? Or are you one of those who gets carried away and assumes what life brings?

Many people are not aware that each of us sets the rhythm of our life. So the first step is to know what we want.

I’m going to give you a terrifying fact: less than 5% of the population manages to know their life purpose, find what they want to do with it, what their mission is.

The other 95% are paralyzed by the prospect of growth that implies a change, having to get out of what they know, out of their comfort zone.

And they do not even think about imagining that their life can be otherwise and that they are in charge of guiding and leading it. It is not about letting go but about taking control and leading the way.

You can be part of that 5%. Discover Lifestyle Design.

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle Design is nothing more and nothing less than designing your lifestyle. Take responsibility for your future and plan how you want to live.

And it is that you and no one but you is the only people responsible for creating the life you want for yourself. And, with it, to achieve what you set out to do.

Achieving it depends on yourself, that you start changing things from today to plan how you want to live in the future.

It is your life project, exciting and exciting. Project how you want your future to be and start building it from the present to achieve inner peace and happiness.

This can be achieved? Is it feasible for anyone? Of course, yes!

I repeat: you alone are responsible for creating the life you want.

Let’s see how you can take the necessary steps to achieve this.

Five steps to create the life you want

If you want to design your life, follow these steps:


It all starts with yourself, by working your mentality.

First, by being aware and genuinely believing that you can create the life you want.

Although it seems obvious, the truth is that many people are often blocked in this regard. They get carried away by the rhythm of day to day, perhaps living in a place where they do not want to be, maybe working on something that does not satisfy them … But they have not even considered that things could be otherwise.

So the first step is to stop and become aware. How are you? How do you feel? How did you get here?

Reflect new and ask yourself where and how you want to be. If your answer is perfect, you are aligned with your vision.

But if not, you are at the right time to rethink your life and the changes you want to make. And it is possible to achieve it, and it only depends on you.

The first step is to commit to yourself. Then, change your mindset and think about what you want, your purpose, because what you believe determines how you act and what you attract accordingly.

If you know your purpose and commit to it responsibly and consistently, you will achieve it.


Your life plan is based on that reflection that you must do and your purpose.

When you are clear about this, it will be easier to define where, how and with whom you want to share your life and its aspects: professional, social relationships, etc.

It is time for you to design that desired life and plan to achieve it.

Maybe you dream of living in a small seaside town and working on a passion you have a talent for.

Or maybe what you want is to work in a multinational company abroad and reside in a big city.

Maybe since you were little you have wanted to travel the world, without a fixed residence, meet new people and life experiences and adventures far and wide …

Everything is just as valid because it is what you want; it is your life. And it is you who must design how you want to live it.

So think and draw your vision panel. Then, start planning where and how you see yourself in, say, five years.


The secret to achieving the life you want is to focus on what you want and not stop until you get it, persistence. Then, the commitment to that life you have designed will make you achieve it.

So to achieve this, you will have to carry out small actions that will lead you to accomplish each of those significant milestones to get where you want.

If you dream, for example, of living off your natural talent and setting up a business around it, you will have to start by researching how to train and prepare for it, make a work and study plan and get going. Leaving your current job and launching yourself to live exclusively on the fruits of your new business will be a natural next step.

As you can see, it is not about throwing everything away and changing from one day to the next. In reality, it is day-to-day work, little by little, that requires your perseverance, tenacity, motivation and also patience to take the steps outlined in your plan.


Any change requires putting things aside to adapt and adopt others from material goods to personal relationships.

And in the process of creating the life you want, this transformation must also take place.

Analyze the things and people you have around you and what they contribute to your life. Now and, above all, think about that future life you will design.

You will see how many of the goods are left over, they do not contribute anything, and you can perfectly live without them. Some you won’t even remember why you bought them …

Do you need it in your new life? Are they essential for the new path you are going to take? No? Well out!

Doing cleaning of this type will make you feel better because you will notice that you lighten the weight and load in your environment and renew your energy.

The same thing happens with people. What do your relationships bring you in the different aspects of your life? Everything that does not add you, eliminate it.

Surely when you reflect, you will come up with some names of people who don’t add anything to you; on the contrary, they are even toxic to your life plan and take away your energy.

Those kinds of relationships are over. Around you, you need people who give you energy, give you the power and transmit positive things to you.


As I have told you, a new life is not built overnight, nor is it about abandoning everything.

Instead, it’s about taking time to reflect and plan the life you want and work from the ground up to build that life. It is like a house: if the foundation is not well set, in the first storm, it will falter.

That is why you must advance in small steps, meeting small milestones little by little that will lead you to fulfil your great goal: to live as you want.

Start with the small details that will help you shape your plan, such as getting rid of the things you don’t need, cultivating the personal relationships that give you training, etc.

Build your life based on numbers

How to do calculations and measure what you are getting? With numbers. Every plan always ends with numbers.

Numbers to calculate how and when you can take steps to change your life. For example, if it is a change of residence or work, for everything, you need to figure how long it will take for that change to take place. And in that period you must also consider how much money you will need.

There are payments that you want or should not assume. And you need to budget for calculations of how much money you will need to make your transformation.

Remember that it is a step-by-step change, don’t drop everything and run away.

It’s about building a new, well-grounded life.

Numbers are also your projects. Make your vision panel at a specific time and capture where you want to be.

And define the deadlines to reach that point: what you will do month by month to gradually create that life that you have devised in your vision.

Did you get it? Okay, put your plan in motion and be one of that 5%.

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