How to be a successful digital entrepreneur?

A question haunts you so much that it prevents you from sleeping well at night: how to be a digital entrepreneur and finally live the lifestyle of online entrepreneurs? You do well to focus on this question because the reality in the entrepreneurial world is that many try and few succeed.

 Why? 2 or 3 decades ago, the # 1 reason was lack of access to information. Today, you can access all the information you want with the Internet online. So, the Internet has democratized the world of entrepreneurship. Today many people launch digital businesses because it is cheap and straightforward.

But the 5-year success rate has dropped below 10 points. 9 out of 10 businesses that are launched do not exceed three years of life. They never get to have a profitable home-based business.

Either you sink with this data … or you grow and itch.

In this post, I want to help you prepare for this remarkable transformation that you like so much: inspire an online tribe & lead a small remote team.

In other words, she is a successful online entrepreneur.

This is how online entrepreneurs live (the vision you have today). So you imagine what you read in Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Work Week.

Imagine a 100% online business, completely automated, that generates cash while you sleep.

You breathe passive income and financial freedom.

You see a fast-moving business, blazing growth.

Today, you see a super creative day with many business ideas and attractive opportunities. And at the same time, surprisingly, you see yourself with a lot of time to yourself.

You see many trips, both through your lands and in distant territories, America, Asia, Europe … and, why not, Africa.

You see yourself giving massive talks, with 5,000 people drinking each of your words and then queuing up to talk to you for 1 minute and take a selfie with their model.

Imagine turning down interviews and podcast requests because you don’t have the physical time to do them. You see yourself on television and radio in entrepreneurship and business programs. You see a modern house with incredible views capable of inspiring your creativity to the fullest. And those mojitos on the beach, after these annual launches, are increasingly successful …

OK, I understand.

I am very much afraid that you have the wrong view of the life of the average internet entrepreneur.

Without more realistic expectations, you will run into a lot of frustration in your quest for the secrets of the thriving entrepreneurial mind.

Let me give you a new more realistic version of how successful entrepreneurs live in the digital world.

What is entrepreneurship on the Internet (the version of digital entrepreneurs)

Digital entrepreneurs are usually routine and lonely people.

Because they work from home.

There is a lot to do and little time in the day.

You always have to learn a lot.

And you always have to put new yourself in danger, doing things you’ve never done before. Entrepreneurship is a path of self-knowledge; there is a lot of personal development.

Online entrepreneurs live a very wide palette of emotions. They savour the nectar of success, and in a few days, they are sunk in the deepest misery.

A successful entrepreneur is not driven by money or lifestyle. Instead, he becomes obsessed with one thing: his clients, their problems and desires.

Your brain never completely disconnects, and it’s always looking for ways to help your target audience get closer to their goals.

Instead of 4 hours a week, many work 60 hours a week.

They do it at ease because they love their craft and enjoy their relationship with work.

They own their time and their decisions.

They reconcile easily because schedules are created that adapt to their life. There are no schedules imposed by work that condition your life. They can work from anywhere. They choose who they work with. They do not have a monthly income cap.

And, above all, they receive a lot in exchange for what they give.

Because they hear over and over again “Thank you”, “You have changed my life”, “Without you, I would not have succeeded”. So they are driven by a very tangible purpose.

Do you really want to undertake?

I congratulate you, and it is a superb decision. In my case, it has been the best decision I have made in my professional career.

It gives you recognition and purpose.

And a lot of freedom. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

A way of understanding life and living it congruently with your ideas and values. The undertaking is a process that has no end because you do not compete with anyone.

Other digital entrepreneurs are your friends, not your enemies.

You compete with yourself. You raise your standards by 1% every day of the year and challenge yourself time and again to break your records. This is the real-life of successful entrepreneurs.

Are you still excited about your idea of ​​starting an online business? Well, keep reading. Now I will explain to you how to become a successful entrepreneur.

How to be a successful entrepreneur?

As I have explained to you before, the undertaking is a process and a path of self-knowledge and self-realization.

And when you want to transform your life, the process is always the same:

  1. TO BE
  2. HAVE

You will first have to behave like a successful entrepreneur and change your identity and habits. BE a successful entrepreneur

By completing this personal transformation, you will be able in a second step to HAVE a successful business.

By having a successful business, you can ENJOY the lifestyle of successful entrepreneurs. Three steps, in this order.

One after another. So choose your models and study their routines, systems, and business models.

Hire them as a mentor to accelerate you on this path.

And work your identity change.

You will see that many successful entrepreneurs:

  • They take care of their dream
  • Meditate
  • They keep a diary
  • They practice gratitude
  • They believe in cause/effect law
  • They operate systems
  • They have dashboards
  • They have a (remote) team of collaborators that helps them increase the impact of their project
  • They watch what they eat
  • They do sports
  • They know how to disconnect to recharge batteries to be creative
  • Etc.

Become a successful entrepreneur first and act as they act.

The successful business and the lifestyle that comes with it are consequences of your transformation.

How long will it take to new complete this transformation?

The time you need.

This question is not correct.

The correct question is:

Are you 100% sure that you want to become a successful entrepreneur? APPOINTMENT

If you answer Yes!

In this case, time is irrelevant. It is only a matter of time before you acquire the mindset and skills necessary to be the next successful entrepreneur. Work on this goal because this goal is the ultimate achievement in a well-concluded professional career. Improve 1% every day and raise your standards. You compete with yourself …

How to start an online business to become a digital entrepreneur?

In the post, I am convinced that you have more realistic expectations. We go into how to undertake if that’s OK with you.

There are three different phases.


  1. Swamp of Ideas: You have many or no ideas. You doubt all the time. Your fears can.
  2. Creative chaos: you have jumped in and got your first clients. You deliver as you can because you are designing your method.
  3. Mastery: you have already refined your method; you are clear about your target audience, how to activate it, sell it and deliver what you sell with a stable process that produces results. Your prototype works.

You must focus on the problem. First, thoroughly study your market niche and validate your prototype, having a 1-on-1 conversation with your market.


  1. Sales channel
  2. Attraction system
  3. Conversion system
  4. Delivery system
  5. Reporting and decision making

You must focus on the system, with the idea of ​​simplifying and creating processes that others will be able to execute: Mono solution, Mono channel, Mono system.


  1. Diversification of sales channels
  2. Culture
  3. Hire
  4. Manage talent
  5. Excellence zone
  6. Exit operations

You must focus on the team and gradually remove yourself from the operations.

As you can see, they are three very different phases.

Each one will require you to unlearn to make room and learn a new modus operandi.

This is why it is so difficult to have a successful business.

Because what has served you in one phase is no longer valid for the next.

Moreover, what you have learned in an earlier phase is often a drag.

  • The creativity of phase 1 is a drag on the system of phase 2.
  • Being a champion at your thing is a drag on the ladder with phase 3 gear.
  • Etc.

You raise your physiological needs (Maslow) for security, recognition, and self-actualization as you progress up the pyramid.

Your abilities also change as you acquire new skills and habits.

This is how you will become a digital entrepreneur.

Are you still connected with this idea?

Part-time digital entrepreneurship, is it possible?

Of course, it is!

And also recommend that you simultaneously launch your online activity while keeping your job as an employee.

So I did in 2010 for almost two years.

And when I had to leap, even though they pushed me, I didn’t have to take so many risks because my online platform was already prepared to give me a salary of € 5k / month.

Undertaking and having a job at the same time has several benefits:

  • Less financial pressure: your business will not impact your family. And you will have more time to learn and experiment. Hurry is a bad counsellor. If you expect money in a very short time, you will make bad decisions.
  • You play with money from day 1: you have little time, and you cannot do everything yourself. So you throw money away, you hire freelancers for specific tasks from minute zero. You act like a successful entrepreneur without knowing it because you operate with cash and not only with your time.
  • Little time → Minimum Viable Solutions: lack of time also naturally pushes you to launch simpler and faster solutions. Which is also good practice. By necessity, you operate with a minimum viable prototype that you can more easily adjust because it is small and specialized.

How to start online in a short time?

Very easy to follow these five rules:

  1. Accept that you will sacrifice your lifestyle today to build a better one in 2 or 3 years. Outside with television, browsing on social networks, leisure, social appointments, weekends in the country. You will have to stay at work while your family and your friends have fun.
  2. Take off at least 2 hours in the morning before going to work. Get up at 5 in the morning if you have to. Go to bed soon (goodbye TV).
  3. He works 6 hours on the weekend. Choose the best time to do it, but do it. It’s 3 hours a day.
  4. Hire a virtual assistant now. It will support your followers, publication in networks on your blog. You produce the raw content; she publishes it and moves it online. It will likely cost you from € 500 to € 1,000 / month, depending on the workload you are going to ask for. It is the best investment you can make.
  5. Obsess over the shorter Time To Market. Simplify all the projects that require so much work from you that you cannot complete them in a maximum of 7 days. You will see it is a habit, a way of thinking. If you shut up your neurotic perfectionist, it’s entirely possible. You will have to achieve it, yes or yes.
    1. An example: I have to launch a blog. In 7 days, it is complicated. So what do I do? Do not launch the blog now and publish mini content on social networks. You can publish your first mini content today.
    2. Etc.

When to fire my boss?

When you have been exceeding your current salary for at least three consecutive months. It is time to take the leap and regain focus and time to scale your results.

And besides, I don’t want you to leave without your settlement. So you don’t resign; you negotiate a way out. And you take money, yes or yes!

My best tips to start


It is key to success as an entrepreneur; you do not need to know everything. But you do need to solve a problem critical to your niche better than anyone.

You have to discover your talent and focus on it. Because this way you can add more value to the market. You are sharing valuable content and working one on one or in a group with your clients.


By education, we do not know how to interpret our emotions.

But I want you to be guided by pleasure. Suppose something or someone energizes you. Do more of this something or spend more time with this someone.

I also encourage you to process your frustrations on a daily basis. And for this, there is nothing better than keeping an intimate journal. Write down the progress and difficulties each day. Practice gratitude and look at progress instead of looking at what remains to be done.

Enjoying your entrepreneurship is a matter of mindset. You can complain all day or thank life all day.


Better done than perfect.

Do a lot; do fast; make imperfect.

Do it with doubts.

Do it with fear.

It is secret is to act massively, especially in case of doubts.


It is a fact. You have no problem if you can pay.

So I want you to invest in your business.

And not in useless services at the beginning (web design, business cards, etc.), but in people who will make you more productive, from minute zero.

There are no successful entrepreneurs without an A team around them.

The sooner you start with this topic, the better you will do.


That’s how it is.

If you start because you want to make money online, you start with the wrong reason.

And money is likely to resist you.

Money is a collateral benefit of helping people.

Do you want a lot of money? It helps a lot of people.

Givers Get.

Those who give receive.

It is the Dharma.

Practice it daily.


If you don’t have patience, you will have to cultivate it.

Building too fast later leads to rebuilding everything … because your house of cards has collapsed.

  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Master this thing
  • Consolidate this thing
  • Delegate this thing
  • Move on to the next thing

Repeat this same new process over and over again.


It is if you are aligned with your vision of the future.

If being a successful entrepreneur is a vital goal, you will achieve it.

When you face an obstacle, it is only a matter of time to overcome it.

They only lose what they give up.

With a great way, you will not be one of those who leave it because they have not worked on their future vision.


Working from home is hard, actual truth …

  • Have work schedules.
  • Turn off your computer and mobile when you finish work.
  • Get out of the house every day.
  • Take breaks and hang out.
  • Have a social life outside of your home.
  • Go to a coworking a few days a month.
  • Make face-to-face meetings with your collaborators.
  • Go on vacation without technology.

Mix the possible work formats a bit.


Another true truth …

  • Take care of your dream
  • Take care of your food
  • Take care of your body
  • Take care of your energy, disconnect daily and every quarter, go at least a week of vacation.

Entrepreneurship is doing a marathon a week.

You will have to prepare yourself to endure this rhythm of life.

Being stronger is part of the transformation you want to achieve to be a successful online entrepreneur.

So, practice starting today!

Do you want to be a new successful online entrepreneur?

OK great! One last tip, don’t read too much.

Better sign up for the free Knowmada Reinvention training and start acting. Because there is one thing that 100% of successful entrepreneurs share. They started one day… and they haven’t stopped a single day since they made this decision. You’re serious, are you? If that’s the case, we’ll see you on the way …

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