CNP personal interview preparation

In opposition to the National Police Corps (CNP), the personal and psychological interview will be an important step towards the goal that is already quite close. By now, the applicant will have already passed the theoretical and physical tests. Now it’s time to prepare for the dreaded personal interview and this is where I can help you.

The Academies that prepare you for the theoretical exam of the opposition also offer a preparation for the personal interview, taking a tour of the biodatas, the realistic assumptions and getting a little closer to what the Personality tests are. It all adds up and is good for your preparation. Still, individualized preparation for your interview will indeed give you more tools to face that moment better and logically you will have more opportunities to succeed in the discussion.


I offer you a very organized work methodology. In 4 sessions (7 hours in total) you will achieve complete security before the interview. Here are the aspects to work on:

  • General preparation of the interview: we will work on aspects such as: greeting and farewell, tone of voice, acceptable comments, types of interview, types of response, clothing, postures, body language, vocabulary, possible difficulties, emotional preparation, etc.
  • Personality Test : you will answer your specific personality test and we will analyze your personalized report. You will have complete handling of the concepts that concern your answers and that will serve as material for our work in consultation.
  • Biodatas : in a personalized way we will analyze around 100-120 biodatas from previous promotions. With an earlier job at home and later in consultation, you can gain confidence and security in your answers.
  • upuestos practical: the basis of your answers in the personality test, we will answer all applicable assumptions made. Here there will also be a synchronized work between your personal work and what is raised in the consultation.
  • Interview simulation: we will record what your interview will be to see what you can improve. We will analyze all new the necessary aspects for optimal preparation of it.
  • Doubt session: in a last session, you will be able to raise all the doubts that have arisen in the preparation period. In this session we will talk about particular aspects of your personality that you should take into account in your interview. It will be a session where we will see important psychological and emotional aspects.

If you want more information about how you can prepare your interview and possible dates, you can contact me. Remember that I am in Alcorcón (Madrid) and that your appointment in advance is necessary to start the preparation.

If you are interested, you can ask the rates by message or email. The complete preparation is four sessions, the first three of two hours each and the last of 60 minutes. I recommend you take the complete package for a greater organization in the contents.

All the best,