Are You Not Happy In Your Work?

Since we are little we grow and discover experiences of something magical that is known to many as life. The positive and the negative, hatred and love, virtues and defects … it seems that each element has its opposite and many times you have to label everything at one end of the scale. But everything can be even more difficult to understand. If you ask people what makes them happy, you will find similar answers such as having a good job, a partner, achieving their dreams, etc .; But even if different people answer you with the same answers, you should know that each of them is immersed in nuances and characteristics that can make it totally different from the rest. A good job, a partner or achieving dreamsthey are written and said in the same way. However, they are lived and felt in a unique and individual way. Because the beauty and difficulty of this life lies in learning that things that seem the same are often the ones that harbor the most differences.


When you achieve what many want, you have the obligation to feel lucky for it, and being able to work today is a very good example of this statement. Given such negative perspectives and all the information we receive from the media, it seems that we have to settle for working whatever and in any condition. But a job translates into a large amount of time , being dozens of hours a week in the case of having a full day, which greatly influence and determine our mood .

Salary conditions, pressure, a bad work environment or fear of losing your job are some of the many factors that turn the experience of working into something positive or negative . The keys lie in detecting the most important elements to see if we can act on them in order to feel better about what we do .


In the introduction to this post, we talk about the subjectivity that almost everything in life has. In all work there will always be positive and negative elements, the result of their combination being the one that gives the answer to whether or not you are happy in your work.  Therefore, a good way to detect these factors would be to make a list of everything that your current job provides you.

Training, stability, professional growth or salary are some of the most important elements to take into account in a job. But there are many others such as closeness, reconciliation with family life or relationship with other co-workers. 


After detecting them, we must think if it is in our hands to change any of the characteristics that make us feel sad.  Although in most cases it seems unlikely, it is possible that by doing our part we can NEW make ourselves feel a little better about what hurts us. A good attitude or being positive are fundamental elements. But if they are not accompanied by results that make us feel happy, we can end up demoralizing ourselves.



We have discovered that we are not happy and therefore we are actively looking for another job. We may or may not succeed. But if a possibility finally appears then insecurities may appear again since we do not know how we will feel about a new experience.  Starting from scratch always involves a mixture of negative and positive feelings in which hope and uncertainty go hand in hand, but is change good?

To get an answer you must first analyze those elements called objectives and compare them between your job offers and current job , that is, those that you know and should not change in the short term, among which the salary, the hours or The ubication. While it is true that during the selection process you can get an idea about the functions to be carried out, until you are not working you will not be able to know for sure the scope and diversity of your actions in your day-to-day work. The same thing happens with the relationship you maintain with your future colleagues or bosses and even the possibilities of growth that you have in your new work stage. Therefore, change for change is never a good option.Working even if it does not make you happy gives you an added value that you must know how to use when changing jobs, and since you change towards something that you do not know to a large extent you should try to go with factors that undermine the security of the action that your change



We work for many reasons, but the main one is for a salary to meet the expenses and demands of life.  Money does not give happiness but without it the problems do not stop growing and even more so in this economic crisis. The financial amount we need per month, the people we have to support or who support us, or the debts we have to face are some of the elements that make a job change involve a greater or lesser risk. And although it hurts, sometimes we have to be very patient if our only source of income is a job that does not make us happy .

There is the possibility of leaving a job or not renewing a job offer and starting a new course towards the unknown. Sometimes the bets we make can be very beneficial, but you always have to measure the risk that would occur if they fail. We must act for the best while preparing for the worst.

It is really very difficult to write about how to feel better in a job where you are not happy. You can motivate yourself, be as positive as possible and make the best of everything that happens to you and still not make it enough. Well, we have to face a very complicated reality. We must try to cheer ourselves up with what is positive in our life. Not only with the people we love but with those things that make us feel happy and disconnect. And it will be a fierce fight between our state of mind, depression in the current situation, how unfair life can be and many elements that want to make us throw in the towel. Also, it is important that if you have people in your charge you take into account all these factors. You have to try that between all things go as well as possible,