Are you afraid to invest in training?

There are many courses, training and pieces of activity on the Internet. You throw a stone, and they come out 5. You look around and find 25.

You would like to invest in training, but it scares you: fear that you will not like it, that it will not serve you, that you will throw away your money.

Fear is good. Yes, it is. This indicates that there is a hazard.

Therefore, it must always be considered and understood to alert us to a possible evil. Now, do not let yourself be dominated by it.

Fear is irrational. It is a feeling: listen to it, accept it and live it. And decide with reason; that’s what you have it for.

Being afraid to invest in training is holding back your business.

The entrepreneurial superhero

When you start, you are the one-man-band: you create content, promote it, do networking, make invoices, pay taxes, look for clients, and a long etcetera.

I get stressed just thinking about it.

I went through that too … And I don’t recommend it.

You become a slave to Do It Yourself. Yes, do it yourself. How cool, how empowering, how overwhelming.

You end up doing it all, yeah, late and wrong.

Let me tell you something: you are not Superman. Not Superwoman. So put your superhero mask aside, focus on your talent, and delegate the rest to professionals.

You will be much calmer, and your business will grow faster.

Why are we afraid to invest?

People like to spend:

  • That new € 800 smartphone that does the same as the € 200 smartphone is more excellent.
  • Those € 3,000 vacations cost money for going to the 5-star hotel instead of going to the 4.
  • That € 50,000 car with which you comfort your ego.

Instead, saving is something else. It’s not so cool anymore.

Why will I save the money if I can spend it now and get a good dopamine kick?

Neurotransmitters, those powerful chemicals that flood our brain and drive us into action.

Looking at the medium and long term costs us more. It does not arouse so many emotions, nor so much illusion, nor so many chemicals.

About investing, we don’t even talk:

  • What if I lose the investment?
  • What if the bank is robbed?
  • What if a meteor falls?

And so on to infinity and beyond.

We are quick to spend, lazy to save, and shit to invest.

You can say higher, but not clearer.

These are some of the reasons why we are afraid to invest.

LOSS AVERSION Losses generate more intense emotion than gains. However, winning € 1,000 is not the same as losing them.

Not to mention the aversion to losing a job or a loved one.

Virgencita, Virgencita, let me stay as I am.


We distrust banks … and we do well. So what happens is that today you can invest in more institutions than a traditional bank.

There are digital banks, collaborative funds, investment funds, etc.

Lack of confidence leads us to doubt everything.


We like to analyze all the options before investing:

  • If you buy a mobile phone, you look at the models, prices, features, etc.
  • If you buy a computer, ask your brother-in-law or buy in MediaMarkt (because you are not stupid, or so you think).
  • If you believe a car, you look at the ones you like and pay without selling your soul to Telecinco.

It is right. It’s perfect. Marvellous.

Now, it is one thing to analyze and another to stagnate in abstract thinking.

I explain.

It is highly recommended to analyze the options you have when making an investment and look at the pros and cons before deciding.

What is not good at all is looking and looking without taking action.

And the thing is that sometimes you analyze so much that you freeze.

And you end up making nothing—0 pattern.

So you are the same as before … Or worse. Much worse because you have spent time and energy analyzing multiple opportunities that you have missed.

Something like this can happen to you with your online business :

  • the one you’ve wanted to create for so long
  • the one that you started and put aside
  • the one that makes you money but not enough to live

If this is your case, it is time to take a step forward.

Commit to your business

There will always be a reason not to dare, not to take the bull by the horns, to continue conforming to what you do not want.

You can keep letting time pass, trying to justify your inaction and your fears. It may work for you with others but not with you.

I remind you that the person you spend the most time with, the one you see every day in the mirror and you have to be most comfortable with, is you.

So I recommend that you be proud of yourself.

It is the best way to be happy.

You want to undertake. You want to create a business that works.

You don’t want to be a male or female orchestra. You want to be the director, so take the lead and run your business.

If you want your business to move forward, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for training: yes, it is perfect for reading, watching videos and listening to podcasts. It is better to explain a proven method to start a business and generate income in less than 60 days.
  2. Define your objectives: What do you want to achieve with your business? Do you want to live on it? Do you want geographic, financial and temporal freedom? Who is your target audience? The answers run to your account.
  3. Take action: once you are trained with good training and define your goals, it is time to take action and apply everything you have learned. It is an essential step to achieving success.

Committing to your business is the best way forward.

Investing in quality training such as Knowmada Reinvention, where someone who has been in the digital business for more than a decade explains the method that he and his thousands of students follow is the best decision you can make.

When you make the decision, fears are likely to haunt you.

Fears paralyze.

When making a decision, think about what you can win. If you think about what you can lose, you will live in terror and never advance.

The only way to create a successful business is to face your fears, change your mind, and get serious about your business.

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