4 factors to consider in a job interview.

The purpose of a company that carries out a selection process is to find the most suitable, qualified person who is capable of meeting the needs of the requested position . It is important that you as a candidate are convinced that you want to carry out the requested work activity to get the best of you and demonstrate your professional profile , it is also important that you be realistic when choosing an offer, thinking about whether it really is a job that you can perform optimally according to your training, experience and strengths .

In a job interview or selection process, your objective or task will be:

  1. Convince your interviewer new that you are the right person for the position . Through an interview / s you must demonstrate all the reasons why you think you would be the ideal candidate for the requested job. Your presentation, demeanor and attitude will be essential in this first interview and this is where your training could begin.
  2. You must be convinced and motivated to fight for the chosen job position : Whatever the job requested, you should know that at least you will have to go through an interview and you want it to be optimal! A job with a high level in the labor pyramid will surely require different interviews and selective stages. Here you can also train yourself to know the best options in an interview: from the most appropriate clothing to the most desirable responses. You must learn how to behave and what would be the most appropriate responses in the interview.
  3. Become part of a selection process that can be short or long , depending on the company or place that is carrying out the filter. If you are not motivated by the position applied for, a long selection process can be tedious and will affect your mood. Do not miss good opportunities for others that will only leave you halfway.
  4. Develop patience and motivation : In this work, you can also train your motivation and your waiting. You must know that patience is a virtue that you must begin to cultivate if you want to obtain good results and motivation is an aspect that you can always work on! Through adequate Positive Psychology and practicing the tools that serve to maintain motivation in its proper measure. It is not the same waiting in the selection for a clerk position in a store, or in a department store, then waiting in a selection/opposition process for the National Police Corps (CPN) or for the Fire Department. In each of these processes, there will be a Personal and Psychological interview and that is where a good training can help you, but always with patience and motivation.

These four objectives are the ones that you should take into account to start, to consider a job interview and enter a Job Selection Process . In this job interview training blog you will be able to find the tools that best serve you to obtain that desired job. I hope it helps you.